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Top Doctors is a global leader in connecting patients with the most qualified medical specialists. With a proven health platform operating in multiple countries, it ensures critical mass in patient flow and loyalty with top-tier clinical experts. Beyond facilitating expert patient care, Top Doctors offers digital solutions to optimise medical practices and tools to boost online visibility and reputation of healthcare providers across the board.

Top Health Tech is at the forefront of healthcare innovation with AI-driven IT solutions. Catering to providers globally, THT crafts, markets, and implements state-of-the-art technology designed to optimise every aspect of patient care. With a commitment to customisation, our solutions are tailored to align with the unique needs and goals of each medical institution, ensuring efficiency on hospital operations.


iWantGreatCare is the UK’s leading solution for capturing the patient voice. As a leader in patient reviews, the company provides real-time insights into patient feedback. iWGC enables healthcare providers to understand and enhance every aspect of the patient journey across health and social care both private and public sectors. With advanced data analysis, the platform helps manage brand reputation and transforms patient feedback into opportunities for growth and improvement.

Ofimedic sets the standard in management software for clinics and practices, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline and centralise all operational aspects. With features like a unified medical calendar, waiting room management, and simplified financial operations, Ofimedic improves clinic efficiency and allows more focus on patient care. Its electronic health record, online booking and appointment reminder solutions improve patient experience and overall satisfaction.


Top Farma revolutionises pharmacy digitalization with innovative tech solutions to enhance pharmaceutical advice value. Our unique model equips pharmacies with cutting-edge technology, boosting their online presence and brand reputation while ensuring patients have timely access to medical products and services. Aiming to complete the care circle, we support patients from symptom detection to digital medication dispensing and treatment adherence, with over 300 pharmacies and 150,000 patients benefiting from our solutions.

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