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Redefine patient engagement and care management with a personalised mobile app for your patients.

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Promote patient self-management and accessibility

Global App boosts patient care by fostering self-management and reducing response times. Bringing patients unlimited access to their medical information, allowing them to actively participate in the care process while healthcare providers optimise appointment management.

Provide streamlined communications and a personalised journey

Global App offers smooth and secure two-way communications between healthcare organisations and patients. With features like video consultations, Global App bridges the gap between patients and medical professionals through efficient and remote quality care.


A tailored healthcare app for an optimal patient experience

Medical staff

Shows the medical staff and their specialities with contact information

Appointment requests and schedule management

Real-time requests and scheduling of appointments and tests


Automatic shift ticket generation via GPS, BiDi code reading, NFC. Bluetooth, geolocation

Waiting room management

Optimisation of patient flow n all areas of your health care facility


Geographic localisation through the device's GPS to display routes and directions to the health centre

Emergency care

Accurate information on current waiting times at different health centres

Video consultations

A unified and secure communication channel for remote patient consultations

Results and clinical reports

Consult and download results reports, imaging, doctors’ notes and attached results of dependant family members

A tailored healthcare app for an optimal patient experience

Experience seamless integration and efficiency in care and administrative processes through a unified platform for hospitals.

Automate patient flow and lift administrative burden with an advanced queue management system for a smooth and streamlined patient journey.

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