Bring the future of care into the present with AI-powered virtual avatars

Elevate the patient experience in your healthcare organisation with a 3D avatar and conversational AI.

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Transform clinical follow-up with cutting-edge technology

Global VA4Y (Virtual Avatar for You) leverages the power of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to improve clinical follow-up. Using NVIDIA's OMNIVERSE platform and Audio2face technology, our 3D animated virtual avatars offer a personalised and engaging approach to patient care. Global VA4Y uses large language model response mechanisms, including GPT-4 and NVIDIA's Riva automatic speech recognition, to ensure a natural and intuitive interaction with patients that mimics human conversation.

Improve healthcare delivery through smart virtual assistance

Top Health Tech's virtual avatars offer comprehensive support in managing medical appointments, assisting specialists in diagnosis, and offering personalised recommendations to patients. Through TOKKIO, NVIDIA’s web framework, Global VA4Y integrates into healthcare environments, delivering information and support on health and wellness-related queries.


A fully customisable avatar for your healthcare organisation

VA4Y relies on artificial vision intelligence to determine when the user is looking at the screen and when it should initiate the AI conversation.

Discover the future of healthcare with Global VA4Y, Top Health Tech's AI-powered virtual avatar

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