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Discover our AI-driven symptom checker for patients and our workplace wellbeing digital solution for SMBs.

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Empowering patient choices with conversational AI

Qylo revolutionises the way patients find their ideal healthcare provider. Through a sophisticated symptom checker with conversational AI, Qylo offers personalised doctor recommendations using natural language processing. Drawing from the extensive Top Doctors database, Qylo simplifies the search for the ideal medical specialist according to the particularities of each case.


Proactive employee wellbeing with a comprehensive occupational health platform

FitFleet stands out as a pioneering occupational health platform tailored for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Designed to equip employers with the tools they need to actively foster their employees' wellbeing, FitFleet offers an e-consultation platform and integrates Qylo to guarantee personalised healthcare support is always within employee reach.


FitFleet streamlines sick leave management in the UK

Leveraging public blockchain technology for a secure sick leave registration and an efficient statutory sick pay management, FitFleet ensures transparency, security and compliance while significantly easing the administrative burden on employers in the UK.

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