Transform the patient experience with personalised healthcare

Deliver tailored recommendations and enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction with Top Health Tech’s patient experience solutions.

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Empower patient-centric healthcare

Enrich the patient journey providing self-management and smooth communication. Connect with patients and offer a personalised treatment with features like online appointment booking and secure video consultations. Foster autonomy and streamline access to medical information placing the patient at heart of the healthcare experience.


Streamline patient flow and reduce waiting time

Accelerate the admission process and improve queue management efficiency with a customisable and interactive system that ensures a smoother care journey. Optimise resource allocation and prioritise patient needs to guarantee an efficient and responsive healthcare delivery.

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Boost patient engagement with strategic healthcare marketing

Amplify your healthcare brand and unify all your marketing efforts to increase patient loyalty, attraction and satisfaction. Launch targeted multichannel campaigns to enhance patient communications and deliver a comprehensive social media strategy to improve engagement and strengthen online reputation.


Revolutionise patient care with AI-powered virtual avatars

Redefine patient engagement through state-of-the-art conversational AI. Customise a lifelike 3D avatar for your health centre and make available to your patients a virtual assistant that provides support in medical appointments, directions and health queries. Elevate patient support to unparalleled levels with a groundbreaking, personalised and empathetic healthcare journey.


Discover more solutions

Team Productivity

Streamline hospital processes and boost efficiency with our suite of cutting-edge products.

Health Data Management

Harness the power of interoperability ensuring secure and efficient acquisition, processing, and anonymisation of medical records.

Tailored Solutions

Address your institution’s unique challenges with customised software that integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet operating requirements.

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