Discover the future of healthcare with our core products

Improving healthcare with innovative AI solutions for all stages of the care process

Unlock the potential of healthcare data securely and ethically, paving the way for AI-driven advancements in patient care.

Experience seamless integration and efficiency in care and administrative processes through a unified platform for hospitals.

Revolutionise lab efficiency with a cloud solution for clinical analysis laboratories that offers precision and connectivity for a multi-centre, integrated environment.

Automate patient flow and lift administrative burden with an advanced queue management system for a smooth and streamlined patient journey.

Empower critical care with AI-driven precision, offering comprehensive patient data management and advanced telemedicine for ICUs.

Allow patients to take control of their own health journey with a tailored app for your healthcare organisation.

Maximise patient engagement with a central hub for smart healthcare marketing to build patient loyalty and online reputation.

A lifelike avatar that enhances the patient experience with practical information, personalised recommendations and health insights.

An AI solution for patients and an occupational health platform for SMBs providing employers with the necessary tools to proactively manage employee wellbeing.


Frontier innovations in healthcare

Top Health Tech provides the latest in healthcare technology to enhance your institution’s performance and enrich the patient journey. THT is a pioneer in R&D and virtualisation of medical services in metaverse environments, with a suite of cutting-edge solutions to improve healthcare and patient experience.


Innovative solutions for better healthcare: Introducing Top Health Tech's suite of products

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