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Global HIS

Empower your teams with a unified health information system

Increase your organisation’s productivity and efficiency by unifying operations on a single platform. Automate recurring tasks and streamline clinical and administrative processes with a comprehensive system that reduces overhead and leads to operational excellence.


Unleash lab productivity with an advanced management system

Boost operational efficiency, reduce human error and foster a more dynamic and productive laboratory environment. Allow your team to focus on strategic activities by automating routine tasks, and ensure reliable results with complete sample traceability.


Enhance ICU operations with a smart device and AI analytics

Transform the productivity of your ICU with certified artificial intelligence algorithms that manage intensive care patient data from admission to discharge. With an innovative on-site assistant by the patient bed, you will enjoy secure remote access to medical data and telemedicine tools for a critical care delivery around the clock.


Increase productivity by promoting employee wellbeing

FitFleet elevates SMBs efficiency in daily operations by providing employees with unlimited access to occupational health tools. Through an e-consultation platform and a refined AI symptom checker, employees receive real-time personalised healthcare support, resulting into a healthier and motivated workforce.


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Patient Experience

Elevate patient care with innovative tools and AI-driven analytics for personalised treatment recommendations.

Health Data Management

Harness the power of interoperability ensuring secure and efficient acquisition, processing, and anonymisation of medical records.

Tailored Solutions

Address your institution’s unique challenges with customised software that integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet operating requirements.

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