Elevate health data management to unprecedented levels

Set a new standard in electronic health record management with an interoperable repository that delivers advanced data security and AI integration.

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Secure, smart, and compliant data for healthcare

Global EHR classifies, encrypts and anonymises data enabling secure exploitation and ensuring compliance with ethical criteria for research. Allowing data reclassification through artificial intelligence algorithms certified as medical devices, our unique data repository adheres to standardised protocols and offers flexibility in data collection, stored in the cloud or locally. Rooted in OpenEHR and FHIR structures, Global EHR ensures interoperability and secure transactions through blockchain technology.

A unique solution based on OpenEHR - FHIR structure templates

Segregated Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Full Anonymity

256-bit data encryption

Hyperledger consortium, Ethereum blockchain

Homomorphic data encryption for federated learning

OpenEHR, FHIR based

Zero-trust security to empower patient control

HL7-v2x – Interoperability based on NLP

Discover Global EHR, Top Health Tech’s comprehensive platform for health data management

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