Maximise lab efficiency with Global LIS

Transform your operations with a multi-centre system that allows integration with the entire laboratory environment.

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Streamline data management and increase productivity

Global LIS, powered by Zendo Lims, transforms laboratory operations by efficiently organising and managing lab data, minimising human errors and improving service delivery. Automate routine tasks and allow staff to save valuable time and focus on complex and strategic activities.

Improve sample integrity with advanced tracking

With its tracking capabilities, Zendo Lims ensures meticulous sample traceability and data integrity throughout the analysis lifecycle. From reception to completion, our system offers comprehensive history tracking for each sample, guaranteeing precise and reliable test results.


Connect your lab environment with customisable modules and features

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Patients Admission

Multimedia Module

Settings and Personalisation

Pre-analytical Module

Results and Validation

Quality Control

Data Mining

Messaging and Chat

Clinical Reports​

Quota Management


Online Results

Appointments Module


Warehouse Management

Status and Help Panels

Reference Laboratories

Online Communications​

Emergencies Module

Security and Auditor

Smart Rules

Tasks Supervisor

Serum Bank Module

External Programs

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