Strategic partnerships powering the future of healthcare

A Discover how Top Health Tech collaborates with industry giants like Nvidia and Google to revolutionise patient care.


Top Health Tech harnesses the power of NVIDIA's cutting-edge technology by using the NVIDIA Omniverse platform to bring to life our virtual avatars with advanced conversational AI algorithms. Leveraging NVIDIA's leadership in accelerated computing and digital twins, Top Health Tech is set to transform patient engagement and support.


Top Health Tech leverages Google Cloud Healthcare Data Engine to revolutionise health data management. Our partnership with Google’s advanced cloud solution ensures our data repository is not only scalable but also compliant, fostering the safe exploration of health data while adhering to ethical standards for AI research and application.


In a groundbreaking partnership, Top Health Tech joins forces with Clinomic, a German pioneer in medical digitalisation and telemedicine founded by intensive care specialists. Together, we are bringing Mona, Clinomic's flagship device, to intensive care units worldwide and setting a new standard in critical patient care efficiency.

TRC Salud

Top Health Tech partners with TRC Salud, a specialised division of the TRC Group, to bring a revolutionary hospital information system into the healthcare market. This partnership leverages TRC's three decades of technological expertise in healthcare to offer a system that seamlessly manages all clinical and administrative processes of a healthcare facility.

España Salud

Top Health Tech and Fundación España Salud forge a pivotal partnership, uniting in their mission to cultivate a more transparent, efficient, and inclusive health system for Spain. Together, we aim to transform healthcare quality and patient satisfaction, offering healthcare providers professional development tools and offering the public free access to the patient voice.


Top Health Tech collaborates with SLCLAB to deliver Zendo Lims, a comprehensive laboratory information system designed to streamline every process within diagnostic centres, born from SLCLAB's extensive experience in IT solutions and clinical analysis laboratories. This partnership underscores our shared vision of enhancing lab efficiency and results accuracy through accessible technology.


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