Transform hospital management with Global HIS

Unify administrative, clinical, and financial operations on a single scalable platform designed to support any healthcare organisation.

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Streamline hospital operations

Designed with the latest technology and working on a large number of healthcare institutions, Global HIS reduces over head and improves care delivery, enabling health providers to achieve operational excellence and a high-quality patient experience. Global HIS ensures secure, standard-based interoperability with existing patient management systems, covering everything from medical records, radiology and diagnostic tests. From admissions and pharmacy management to operating room planning, the system's modular design addresses the specific needs of each institution, centre, and area.

Centralise patient data for holistic care

Global HIS revolutionises how patient information is managed, housing all clinical documentation from patients in a single integrated medical record that enables holistic and informed care decisions across all departments. With its highly configurable web application architecture, Global HIS electronic health record ensures healthcare providers can access securely all patient's lifecycle information in real time, on any device, and through any browser.


All of your hospital management tools on a unified web platform


Centralised management of patient data. Administration of resources and services.

Medical consultations

Comprehensive management of doctors’ and specialists’ consultations in a personalised menu based on profile.

Radiological consultations

Diagnostic imaging management: rooms and machine occupancy, hourly appointments, doctor and speciality.


Centralised administration of the health centre’s store of medication and consumaºbles.


Automatic issuing of invoices by patient and clinical episode. Management of invoicing to insurers.

Allocation of costs/services

Control and allocation of costs and fees for different services and specialists.

Documentation and archiving

Collection and grouping of episodes from the patient's medical record for submission to relevant authorities.

Operating theatre management

Management of patient-related resources for surgical interventions. Scheduling for operating theatres and staff.

Other services

Ambulance management, user management, diet and nutrition control interface and much more.

Digital prescription management

Full lifecycle of medication issuing, from AEP to digital nursing with smart dispensing.

Global HIS electronic health record: Holistic patient monitoring throughout the care process


Display of all health episodes and services performed during the patient's stay, sorted by search criteria.

Research permissions

Access to Electronic Health Records for research staff, to allow collection and use of specified data.

Medical data

Managed access to data on different episodes, with add and edit functionalities. Access will depend on the profile of the specialist.

Testing assignment

Administration of additional tests by type of speciality, assigned from a list configured in the hospital database.

Delivery of reports

Confidential module for the delivery of test results configured from profiles with specific permissions for each patient.


View, search for and edit clinical episodes, arranged by profile and type of patient admission to the health centre.

Radiology staff

Display of requests made by doctors, detailing their status and organised according to search criteria.


Module linked to the Laboratory Information System which displays the status of requests and tests issued by the centre's LIS.


Administration and management of all functionalities associated with nursing staff and services provided to each patient.

Radiology admin

Reports issued by the radiology department can be edited and downloaded for use by health care staff and specialists.

Nursing stations

Configuration of existing nursing stations in the hospital centre (adult ICU, emergency room, wards...).


Management of tasks and information assigned to radiology staff. Day-to-day control of the task queue, which can be sorted by status.

Blood bank

Management of blood bank requests: transfusions, phlebotomy, etc... and integration of these tasks, via HL7, with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

Connect Global HIS with Global App and Global Queue​

Automate patient flow and lift administrative burden with an advanced queue management system for a smooth and streamlined patient journey.

Allow patients to take control of their own health journey with a tailored app for your healthcare organisation.

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