Streamline patient flow with Global Queue

Increase the efficiency of care planning according to available resources and patient priority, ensuring optimal allocation for improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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Transform patient management with a customisable and interactive solution

Designed to streamline the admission and control of patients, Global Queue ensures a smooth and efficient care process, improving patient satisfaction and operational efficiency in healthcare facilities. Our patient flow software stands out for its scalability and high configurability, with customisation options to meet the specific requirements of each organisation.

Streamline patient flow speeding up admissions and queue management

Patient self-admission with

A medical kiosk to print appointment tickets for patients

A patient app (Global App) to get notified when being called and enable free movement while waiting

Informative multimedia displays for waiting rooms to call in patients by their ticket number

A tailored healthcare app for an optimal patient experience

Experience seamless integration and efficiency in care and administrative processes through a unified platform for hospitals.

Allow patients to take control of their own health journey with a tailored app for your healthcare organisation.

Discover Global Queue, Top Health Tech’s comprehensive solution for patient flow management

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